Escort services in Israel and worldwide

From the antiquity times the subject of escort girls was turning on the high levels of public discourse , and was producing a lot of legends or various objections . Modern days actually engaged in discourse on the subject of legalization of escort services sector and providing various sexual services . There are various myths that crop up around this topic. The first myth says that the field of Tel Aviv escorts blooms precisely because of economic problems in the country. Modern society thinks girls who come to that pursuit , come from families destitute and want to earn their bread , or help their “poor” parents . But studies show that even these relatively economically organized, still want work in prostitution to maintain their standard of living in luxury , and if you ask these Tel Aviv escorts about the reason for choosing this specific occupation , the money is actually not the first issue that brings them to the profession.

One of the women ,who managing a prestigious Tel Aviv escort agency ,said that when she published conscious ” men needed to escort agency ” was surprised that the men, who answered, were actually arranged economically and even some pretty successful businessman between them. Desire to engage in sex for a fee exists in all people of all ages , sex or color , or social status . Known in nature there is no rape, but diversity of sexual partners and forms of connection , but human culture developed those limitations of religion and morality, deals with these and other prohibitions .

Because of sexual satisfaction has always been important to humans and the lack of sexual satisfaction can lead to various psychological problems , providing sexual services for a fee existed in humanity since early days and now humanity begins to understand that. That’s why a number of countries are beginning to operate the legalization of prostitution and various escort services . Actually legalizing escorts , strippers and other sex services can help solve social and psychological problems created precisely in our developed society in a last hundred years. Myth what prostitution leads to drug problems and other illegal activity has been quite broken. Because of this , we see that even men are starting to give sexual services to women , although a few years ago it was not so common.

Lots of studies show that call girls even help married men to steam out on the side, instead of breaking the family framework . Israel is known that providing sexual services allowed by law , although the government is still trying to stop the phenomenon by punishing customers using various escort services .

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